Texas Women

Women are doing theology in Texas!

I just returned from the Lone Star State where I was part of a panel discussion for Irving Bible Church’s women’s Bible study, along with Sandi Glahn, Dallas Theological Seminary faculty, Jonalyn Grace Fincher, author of Ruby Slippers, and Jackie Roese, IBC’s teaching pastor to women. Other women’s groups would do well to check out what these Texas women are doing (click here).

This wasn’t your typical “women’s” gathering. There were no doilies in sight. And the handshakes, I have to say, were noticeably firmer than I usually encounter in women’s groups across the country. The sprawling church facility was also appropriately Texas-sized. My Texan friend, Judy Douglass, would have felt right at home.

What is more, there was no side-stepping hard questions or refusing to come clean with the kinds of real issues that touch down in everyone’s lives. These Texas women were dead serious and fearless when it came to asking honest, probing questions about God, Jesus, truth, faith and doubt, and why bad things happen in this world and in their private lives.

I can tell you, it’s scary to be looking down the barrel of the kinds of questions they were asking. On the other hand, I was also heartened to find the discussion both mentally stretching and utterly down-to-earth. With deeply personal concerns driving the questions, this was a great example of what it means to “do” theology.

Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay

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2 Responses to Texas Women

  1. I really enjoyed the panel discussion – it was refreshingly real and authentic. I loved that the tough questions were addressed and not shunned. I am thrilled to see women realizing the need for theology in their lives and the validation from other women that it does matter what you believe. I am half-way through your book, “When Life and Beliefs Collide.” It is excellent – I can’t seem to put it down. I’m so glad I had the chance to meet you on Tuesday!


  2. Carolyn says:

    What encouraging comments! I was encouraged to hear the questions and to see women taking God and themselves so seriously. Glad you’re enjoying WLBC. Thanks for commenting!


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