Mary of Nazareth–The First Disciple

“In our endless search for strong, godly role models for women, we usually do not think of checking out the local high school for prospective candidates. Contrary to conventional wisdom, which teaches us to look for role models among Christians who are older than ourselves and to expect less of the young, the Bible often showcases exemplary young people whose hearts belonged to God and who gave up everything to follow him. Despite crushing odds, they held their ground against the Enemy and stood firm, and often alone, in their faith. . . . We make precious little out of the fact that the woman who plays such a central role in the unfolding of God’s plan in history and in the church–Mary of Nazareth–was only a young teenager when first introduced in Scripture. . . . God’s redemptive purposes for all humankind dangled by the slender thread of a thirteen or fourteen-year-old Jewish girl. Who would believe that thread could be so strong?”

Lost Women of the Bible

Joel Spector, artist

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1 Response to Mary of Nazareth–The First Disciple

  1. Kristen says:

    This entire series is absolutely intriguing. I love these entries! They are so encouraging and inspiring.

    I think that when a young person gives up everything for God's call, it is almost more of a sacrifice than to finally relinquish control later in life. When a person is so young, their entire lives are in front of them. So many possibilities exist! But to give all of that possibility up, to close doors, to dedicate their youth and life to God's work, is such a great sacrifice. What strong faith they have, indeed!


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