Esther—A Sleeping Beauty

“. . . life is full of unpredictable twists and turns—long lulls, disappointments, tragedies, and big breaks—that push us out of the shadows and force us to summon up courage, strength, and gifts we never knew we had. Esther’s beauty didn’t fade or, if it did, no one seemed to notice. Instead, other aspects of her character surfaced, showing the world and proving to Esther herself that she had serious responsibilities before God and a whole lot more to offer than beauty and compliance. When Esther faced the crisis of her life, the powers of face and form were not enough, and her ability to please stood in her way. The situation called for her to think and strategize, to exercise courage, to stand on her own two feet, and to rely solely upon her God. That’s when Esther, long lost in her beauty, was finally found.”

Lost Women of the Bible

Joel Spector, artist

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