Waking Up in Hyderabad

L to R: Dr. Ana Aspras Steele, President, Dalit Freedom Network, 
Dr. Sagar Kamarthi, Assoc. Prof., Northeastern University, CCJ, 
LaReau Anderson, Biblica

How ironic to travel half way around the world and end up meeting someone who lives in Boston.  That’s what happened en route to India.  Sandwiched in between Ana and me on the flight from London to Hyderabad was an interesting young professor from Northeastern University in Boston. Conversations with him were a cultural education worth the trip!

He was equally interested what we do, in the purpose of our trip, and in justice issues relating to women. The firstborn in his family, he has been a strong advocate for his three younger sisters to get education, even at personal sacrifice. It was heartening to hear his story.

During the flight that we discovered LaReau Anderson was on boardpart of the Biblica team with a heart for children and youth.

So much for my fears of traveling to India alone. I was in great company!

Haven’t done much since my arrival but sleep.  I think I broke the record for sleep duration on Saturday. I’m not telling how many hours.

Conversations have already beguninformallyabout the Justice Bible. The passion everyone I’ve met so far for this project is pretty intense. I’m convinced this project is vital.  How will the church sustain a heart for justice and our current focus on the suffering around the world become something more than a passing trend if we don’t see clearly and plainly from scripture that God’s heart beats for justice and that, as his image bearers, our heartbeat should echo his?

Looking out my hotel window this morning, I saw a hazy view of Hyderabad, a cemetery just below, and people going out to get water.

When you turn on the faucet at home today, give thanks for God’s blessings!

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