On the Ground in India

Traveling and spending time with Dr. Ana Steele in the heart of India, means it is inevitable that I will learn about one of the most severe and deep-seated humanitarian crisesthe plight of the Dalit people. The movie Slumdog Millionaire offered a glimpse into the degrading injustice of that world.

At Lausanne 2010 in Capetown, Dr. Joseph D’Souza, President of International Dalit Freedom Network, addressed the plenary session about this horrific and widespread crisis. We had dinner with him last night, with his son, Josh D’Souza, and Scott and Jill Bollinder (Scott is President of Biblica).

Joseph is hosting this Forum with Biblica and will be speaking this morning. Already what I’ve heard about him from others and from Ana, about how incredible it is to work with him (they are a Blessed Alliance), enough to make me curious to learn more about him and his passion for justice in India.

Below are two videos that hopefully will interest you:  the first is Dr. D’Souza’s message from Capetown and the second video I found online is of research some skeptical young Indian students conducted on the Dalit population in India and the shocking reality they discovered.

The Justice Bible Forum begins officially this morning. Dr. D’Souza will bring devotions. We’ll hear about the vision of this project and the plan for the Forum, then we’ll listen as each participant tells their story, wrap up by talking about the potential audience of the Justice Bible. We’re going to watch the 58: The Film on global poverty after dinner. See the trailer below:

58: THE FILM Trailer from LIVE58NOW on Vimeo.

I am actually posting this on Monday 6:00 AM Hyderabad time, but it comes up Sunday ET. At the moment, your day is winding down, while mine is just beginning—earlier than I wanted (I’ve been awake since 4am), but that’s the price of jet lag.

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