Conversations with Haddon & Alice

Brian Hettinga, Haddon Robinson, Alice Mathews, Mart De Haan

Some of the most intriguing conversations I’ve had recently have been with Alice Mathews over lunch or with Haddon Robinson at a Gordon-Conwell faculty gathering.

All this week on Discover the Word, I am in conversation with them both at once. We’re discussing Half the Church and exploring the significance of this book for women and for men.
Here’s what Alice wrote after reading Half the Church:

“With the care of an experienced scout, Carolyn James has lined the fire pit with stones, then assembled the kindling and logs, and in the final chapters of this remarkable book has struck the match to ignite a blaze for God and his kingdom. No thoughtful Christian woman can walk away from this book unchallenged or unmoved, as she senses the glory of her ezer-warrior calling. Nor can any thoughtful Christian man remain unmoved by the vision of the Blessed Alliance so skillfully sketched in these pages. The challenge of Half the Church is to the whole church to fulfill God’s purpose in creating all of us as iconoclastic bearers of the divine image in a broken world.”

 If you miss the radio broadcast of any of these five conversations, the full MP3 recordings are available online:

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