Ezer-Warriors are Everywhere!

Everywhere we are—home, school, workplace, ministry, academy, writing, volunteering, you name it, even in assisted living—and every relationship we are in is a front line for God’s kingdom and an opportunity to proclaim and live out the gospel. Our stories are embedded in God’s great story, and our lives have kingdom purpose.

One pastor’s been reading Half the Church, and this is what he’s preaching to his congregation. I am loving this!

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3 Responses to Ezer-Warriors are Everywhere!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you!
    Cindy B., EWP (Ezer Warrior Princess, 2013)


  2. Anonymous says:

    “Really? Do you really want to mess with Ms. Assisted Living?”… I have a feeling she could spiritually bench press any foolishness that came her way – including uppity men. New topic – Carolyn – could you address the issue of when you are the only woman in your church who appears dis-satisfied with the status quo? I would love to hear your and others experiences with this. Thanks


  3. I had to go to SE Asia and change affiliation (to Anglican) to feel heard. The equation should be much simpler!


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