Carolyn Update # 7

The first full day home has been quiet. CCJ has dozed off and on most of the day except to walk around the apartment (including stairs) and doing her breathing exercises. She is eating light meals and drinking her favorite beverage — Sprite Zero. Our little basement apartment came with a recliner and that has proven to be a real blessing. It allows CCJ to stretch out but without getting flat on her back. Her pain has been manageable, although if she makes one wrong move, it can be intense.

Grateful for friends,


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6 Responses to Carolyn Update # 7

  1. Wendy says:

    What incredible progress! I logged on to see if I could get a bit of news. Imagine my surprise to see that there were 7 updates, the last indicating a full quiet day at home. This is encouraging. A quiet, unremarkable day; that is the remarkable part when it is unremarkable. A Sprite Zero in hand, short walks and climbs (show off) and a cozy recliner for just these seasons.

    Carolyn this detection and diagnosis was a severe mercy indeed. I am grateful for His kindness to your family and friends and to His church in providing this knowledge and treatment. We are a more beautiful bride, because you are a member.

    Remember today my Sister that His yoke feels like rest. You praying, others praying for and with you, Frank reading scripture to you, you reading scripture, noticing beauty, enjoying pleasing fragrances, tasting good food, repenting as the Spirit stirs your heart, loving God and neighbor; these are His yoke, when you are connected to them, they feel like rest. Don't believe the lie that tempts you to isolation. You are not alone. He will never leave you or forsake you!

    Praying for and with you!


  2. Pam Smith says:

    The BTS crew is all praising God for his mercy to Carolyn. Prayers for healing go up regularly!


  3. Thank you for posting the updates. I will continue to pray for you both, especially as you make your way through this Holy Week and toward Resurrection Sunday. May these days be quiet and restful.


  4. I've been praying for Carolyn too. So grateful for a good report.


  5. I will be praying for you both. This is definitely a good report!


  6. Lori says:

    Each note, each message, each tid bit brings great smiles to my face. So very glad for the progress, for her homecoming and recovery. Continued prayers, love and gratitude.


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