Carolyn Update # 8

This AM got off to a rocky start. CCJ awoke in considerable pain. During the night I check with her several times to make sure she is comfortable. All was well until the sun came up and suddenly the pain got out ahead of us. It took some time for the meds to work their magic, but by late morning the pain was under control. This was a reminder to both of us that recovery is a slow process.

Please keep CCJ in prayer.


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2 Responses to Carolyn Update # 8

  1. Carolyn, the Women's Ministry at Cornerstone in Greesnboro, NC is praying for you and following your progress. We will miss you being with us next weekend but so glad you are doing well! God Bless!


  2. Carolyn, Praying hard. Beseeching God to be your Emmanuel. May his presence be near, esp. tomorrow.


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