Carolyn Update # 9

A message from Carolyn herself!

It’s been over a week since my surgery and time for me to pick up where Frank left up with updates. It’s a bit risky for me to be doing this, since I’m still on pain meds (meaning loopy), which can result in some rather confused messages. Evidently I sent some incomprehensible text messages when I was in the hospital—fortunately, only to family. I’m counting on Amy Lauger to protect me from myself.

Right now, I’m in recovery mode and so grateful to be on this side of surgery. Thank you so much for praying and for your encouraging notes. Recovery is going slower than I would like, although not slower than normal. Besides getting a lot of rest and reading, I’m also getting good exercise. The past four days I’ve been outside walking and enjoying warm spring weather. Frank and my cousin Karen are taking good care of me. Friends at Biblical Seminary are providing wonderful meals.

Please keep us in your prayers. Means a lot to both of us.


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8 Responses to Carolyn Update # 9

  1. Helen says:

    Carolyn, I somehow missed the initial news and am catching up to what happened. It sounds like you have been incredibly strong and courageous amidst the challenges. Fitting for an ezer like yourself! Prayers for continued and full recovery for you!


  2. Carolyn–Although we've still not met, we are connected. Be assured of my prayers during this walk you are taking, and for full restoration. — David Apple


  3. Wendy says:

    So grateful for your recovery, His grace abounding!


  4. Donna Wilson says:

    I have been following your updates and have asked the women
    of InterVarsity to pray for you as well.
    You are in my thoughts and prayers. May God restore
    your body (your spirit seems to be in tact!!)
    Blessings sister,
    Donna Wilson


  5. Tari Williamson says:

    Carolyn, it is wonderful to hear a report from you! yay! Much love and still praying – recover well friend.
    -Tari W.


  6. GDudley says:


    Glad you are healing. I am continuing to cover you in prayer. Be well friend. I pray God's hand of complete healing upon you.


  7. Linda says:

    Carolyn, I'm so thankful for the family God has placed around you to love and care for you. I continue to pray for your healing and for your courage in this time of recovery.


  8. Persisting in prayer on this end as well. Love you so much!


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