Carolyn Update # 10

As I write, Frank is in en route to Seoul, South Korea where a full and very interesting itinerary awaits. He’ll be speaking at universities, seminaries, and churches on behalf of Biblical Seminary. This trip has been on the calendar for a while now, and I am relieved that my post-surgery progress is far enough along for him to go, although it wasn’t easy for him to leave.

While he’s away, I have temporarily vacated the Hobbit Hole (with some help from new friend, Pamela Lang) and am safely and comfortably ensconced at my cousin’s home.

Signs of progress, I daresay. Please join me in praying for Frank—for safe travels, stamina, and an outpouring of God’s Spirit on his ministry in South Korea.


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2 Responses to Carolyn Update # 10

  1. Just checked in after a while away and saw all the updates. Didn't realize Carolyn had been through all that! Prayers for continued healing.

    I was just mentioning Carolyn on Sarah Bessey's blog today in a comment about how the Blessed Alliance idea has helped me!


  2. sandy says:

    So good to hear there's progress. I always want to hurry recovery too but our doctors do have a better idea of what healing times should be. You're in great hands, God's and friends and relatives. Friends at shelovemagazine are also praying for you too 🙂


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