Give Yourself a Day-Late Reformation 500 Treat!

9780310257431Trust me, this is no trick. This deal is totally sweet!

Church History Volume 2 (Kindle version) is now on sale. This normally expensive book (hardcover $36.88 on Amazon) and heavy (a couple of inches thick) is currently available on Kindle for $8.99!

My favorite church historian, Frank A. James III, wrote the Reformation and the Modern Church sections. If you’ve ever read anything he’s written, you’ll know what I mean when I say these chapters are gripping and shockingly honest.

Frank isn’t into hagiography. He’s a truth teller–even about his favorite theologians. Those who know him have heard him say, “God works through sinners to accomplish his good purposes.”

That should gives hope to all of us.

I read every word he wrote and, to be honest, just reading his chapters is worth purchasing the hard copy. But for the moment, you can have this book instantly at your fingertips for a steal of a price.

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