Something to ponder . . .


“The small nuances of our day-to-day attitudes, acts, and words brought to their final fruition, turn out to be the stuff that heaven and hell are made of. . . . Every attitude, act, and word of ours partakes, alas, of either charity or egoism. Nothing is quite neutral. (We cannot read the prophets or the Sermon on the Mount without becoming alarmed over this.) Charity is what heaven is made of, and egoism is what hell is made of. One way or another, I am becoming more and more at home in one or the other. . . . The whole conflict of heaven and hell crops up at our elbow a thousand times a day. Everything in our experience seems to carry an enormous weight or significance.”

—Professor Thomas Howard, “Heaven and Hell Under Every Bush.”

To read more: “The Seismic Implications of #MeToo”

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2 Responses to Something to ponder . . .

  1. Pete Ahlstrom says:

    That’s a mouthful that I’ve found is true! A while ago I learned one of the workers at our local pharmacy had rheumatoid arthritis. All I did was tell her “I and my family will pray for you.” (And we have.) But she appreciated that enough so that EVERY time I’ve seen her in the year since, she runs up to the counter and gives me a big hug! I’ve had other experiences like that in the same store, all involving trying to practice “loving our neighbors” in very simple ways. (No, not always resulting in hugs, nice as they are, but always clear appreciation of one kind or another).

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  2. Janet says:

    Everything matters. Living before the face of God means moment by moment awareness of His presence in our lives. He never leaves nor forsakes. The devil is an adversary who constantly seeks to trip us up, but God is able to finish what He began in our lives. I love this quote, Carolyn. Thank you.


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