ARDEN UPDATE #3: Anchorage Send-off!

Before traveling to Seattle, Arden wanted to take pizza to her class on her last day at school. Good thing her mom is a manager at Papa John’s. Little sister Avery got to take pizza to her class too. 

Arden is wonderfully oblivious to the seriousness of her impending surgery. She knows the doctor is going to fix her leg and that she will wear a cast. She doesn’t have categories for what that all means. Which is just as well. Frank and I FaceTimed with them today. Arden and Avery were chatting, singing, and flitting around the room with butterfly wings on their arms. 

Oh the innocence of childhood! 

Arden, her mom, and Avery leave Anchorage for Seattle on Tuesday. They’re planning a last minute outing to the Seattle aquarium. Pre-op is Wednesday when both Tata (Hilda Rodriguez their other grandmother) and I will join them. Their Daddy, Tony, will be right there for his girls. Surgery is Thursday. 

We’re grateful that our GoFundMe campaign has reached the half-way mark and then some. Notes from donors have been so encouraging. This is the big week, and we are standin’ in the need of prayer. 

Reminder: Don’t forget Arden’s GoFundMe! She’s begun the long road to recovery from severe hip dysplasia. From what we’ve seen so far, we’re convinced she’ll go the distance.

Help us go the distance to our GoFundMe goal!

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2 Responses to ARDEN UPDATE #3: Anchorage Send-off!

  1. Carol and Paul Wolff says:

    Carol and I praying for the streams of grace and wisdom
    that bring to our hearts just how big God is…


  2. Peter Ahlstrom says:

    Yvonne says to tell you she (and all of us) are praying for Arden and all of you.


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