ARDEN UPDATE #4: Seattle Countdown

Arden, Avery, and Alli have been keeping busy doing fun things while the days tick off. In Anchorage, they took a trip to the library to check out lots of books to read when they return, followed by an afternoon in the park. Then a little bit of shopping, so Arden could pick out a nightie that will be “Spica cast friendly.” Somewhere in there, hamburgers—Arden’s fav!

Yesterday the three of them arrived in Seattle. The Seattle Children’s Hospital shuttle picked them up at the airport and drove them to the hotel, where they are settling in.

Pre-op was today (Wednesday) at 4:10pm/PT. Surgery tomorrow at 6:30am/PT.

We’ll have around 7hrs of waiting while Arden is in surgery and recovery.

We all have mixed feelings as the surgery approaches. The same old wishing we would wake up and find out this was all a bad dream and at the same time overwhelming gratitude for Dr. Blumberg, Seattle Children’s Hospital, an army of family and friends who are praying, and so many who have contributed generously to Arden’s GoFundMe.

I am reminded of what my grandfather used to say, “The Lord has his arms around us.” That is the story of our lives, and we are hopeful.

Reminder: Don’t forget Arden’s GoFundMe! She’s begun the long road to recovery from severe hip dysplasia. From what we’ve seen so far, we’re convinced she’ll go the distance.

Help us go the distance to our GoFundMe goal!

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6 Responses to ARDEN UPDATE #4: Seattle Countdown

  1. Rebecca Byrne says:

    Prayers behind and in front and will continue. Many rich blessings of healing and peace for Arden and your whole family, dear Carolyn. And much love to you all, during all the waiting. Jim and Becky Byrne


  2. Pete Able trim says:

    Q will be praying for Arden, and all of you, in the morning 7:30 mountain time, right? Prayed for you tonight two. Being familiar with the area actually seems to make it easier to pray for someone there. I live there about 12 years. Hope everything goes well.


  3. Peter Ahlstrom says:

    Voice type does have some disadvantages doesn’t it? That name should have been spelled a h l s t r o o m! Oh well prayers will work just as well anyway.


  4. Deanna Holsinger says:

    May you all feel secure and loved in the Father’s arms as you wait. Praying for moments of joy in the midst of this scary storm.


  5. Jo Barrett says:

    Carolyn, I heard you speak at Christ the King PCA, El Paso, TX several years ago and became familiar with you and your books then.

    I have been praying for Arden and her family; including you as a “co-grandma”. (My grandkids call me “Hunny”.)

    I have also let my daughter-in-law know about Arden. Belinda Barrett is a pediatric physical therapist in Anchorage. She and our son, Dan, are members of Faith PCA there and have lived in Anchorage about 4 years. They have twins, Drew and Kendall, who are about the same age as Arden. William was added to their family last August.

    The first time I read about Arden, I thought of Belinda and her ability as a pediatric PT.

    If you get this email and would like any more info about Belinda, please let me know. She works part-time for Anchorage Pediatric PT (not sure if that’s the correct name), and said she will keep her eyes out for Arden if she should come to where she works when the time comes. I humbly recommend Belinda as a loving, professional PT. (And a mom of 4.5 year olds!)

    Things like this keep us ever before the Lord; seeking His care —especially when it comes to our children and grandchildren! How precious it is that we can fully trust Him and know that He doesn’t let any of His children “fall between the cracks”! I’m praying for Arden and her family today; as well as her special grandma who loves her little Ezer so much! I understand.

    In His Love, Jo Barrett

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  6. My daughter is same age and we enjoy her beautiful activity.


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