ARDEN UPDATE #5: Surgery

ARDEN UPDATE #5: Arden is in surgery at Seattle Children’s Hospital. She has been in surgery for about an hour. She was a total champ through all the pre-op. Her mommy put on scrubs and went with her into the OR and was with Arden when she went to sleep.

Arden will have a purple Spica cast when she comes out. Her choice.

Please pray for a successful surgery and a smooth recovery. And thank you all once again for supporting our kids during this tough time.

Reminder: Don’t forget Arden’s GoFundMe! She’s begun the long road to recovery from severe hip dysplasia. From what we’ve seen so far, we’re convinced she’ll go the distance.

Help us go the distance to our GoFundMe goal!

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5 Responses to ARDEN UPDATE #5: Surgery

  1. Carol and Paul Wolff says:

    Praying until we hear. He is sovereign in this waiting time and all times


  2. Diane Snelling says:

    Praying for your sweet granddaughter and trusting the Lord will be her strength and strength for you and the family.


  3. Bev Hislop says:

    We LOVE seeing their precious faces…and continue praying, especially now…


  4. Karen Sawyer says:

    Prayers continue this day for precious Arden and her family.


  5. Carolie says:

    Praying her surgery went well and smooth and rapid recovery.
    God is good and faithful.


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