Calling all Phillies Phans!

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Far be it from me to turn down an invitation to a MLB baseball game. Below is the invitation to a Phillies game that Frank sent out to Missio Seminary community, families, and friends. I’m definitely going to this one!

If you live in the Philadelphia area, consider yourself invited.

To all PHANATICS, high and low, near and far, current students, board members, alums, faculty, staff and friends—join the MISSIO family for a Phillies game and tailgate party on 30 July.

The game starts at 7 PM but the tailgate party begins at 5pm. What a great way to enjoy the summer together. This has been a big year in the history of MISSIO Seminary and we need to celebrate together. Let’s have some fun in the sun.

Tuesday, July 30th!
7:00pm Phillies vs San Francisco Giants
Citizens Bank Park
Plus 5:00pm Tailgate Party

Purchase tickets here!
$20 each
Order by JUNE 25

We will all meet at the tailgate party (location TBD) with food, drink and loud music in the parking lot and to get your tickets.  

The deadline to purchase tickets is JUNE 25.   The cost is only $20 per ticket so please feel free to bring friends, family and neighbors.

As I see it, coming to the game is a MISSIONAL calling! 

The Phillies will have a secret weapon this year—my wife, Carolyn Custis James. Why is she a secret weapon?—because wherever Carolyn lives, she sprinkles star dust on the local team and they win the World Series! I am not kidding. When we lived in Southern California, the Dodgers won. When we lived in Florida, the Marlins won. When we lived in Boston, the Red Sox won. And when we lived Philadelphia for grad school, the Phillies won, so her magic works in Philadelphia too.  Join us on 30 July and see Carolyn work her magic.

For more information contact:
Paul Zazzo
Missio Director of Church and Alumni Relations

For the record, everything Frank said about me is true. I was even in Chicago when the tide turned for the Cubs in 2016. Still, you need to know that my so-called “star dust” doesn’t work over night. That said, I’m looking forward to a fun evening with Missio family and friendsand a big win for the Phillies. Come join us!

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