ARDEN UPDATE #17: Fun in the Summer Sun

Warm summer days in Anchorage (yes, even in Alaska) are giving Arden and Avery plenty of opportunities to play outdoors, and they are making the most of it. Arden is pressing the limits of the extra mobility her new Spica cast allows. She continues to surprise us all with her readiness to push herself to the next level and to regain her independence.

Nothing passive about this little ezer-warrior!

We are thanking God each day for the fight in her and for her incredibly positive attitude. It’s hard to imagine what she’s endured and is still enduring with such a resilient spirit!

July 12, Arden will be back at Seattle Children’s Hospital for the fourth time when Dr. Blumberg will remove her cast and fit her for a brace. We’re all looking forward to that big moment for her. Who knows what she’ll attempt to do once she’s free of her cast?!

Please do continue to pray for her and for her complete healing as she moves through this final Spica cast stage. And thank you again for your interest, prayers, encouraging messages, and generous support.

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6 Responses to ARDEN UPDATE #17: Fun in the Summer Sun

  1. Susan Green says:

    It is truly awe inspiring to see these pictures and to pray for Arden as she pushes through these huge hurdles. Praying with and for you all.


  2. Violet says:

    This is so great to see. Nothing like the resilience and determination of our children to lead us forward as well. It’s all grace.


  3. Carol and Paul Wolff says:

    Joyful update!!!


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