ARDEN UPDATE #18: Bye Bye Spica Cast!


The latest shorter Spica cast (now above the knee on both legs vs down to the ankle on the problem side) has made a huge difference for Arden. For Avery too. The Anchorage heatwave notwithstanding, they’ve loved playing together outdoors.

Now that Arden is semi-vertical, the girls have also made the happy discovery that they can hug each other again! (See video below.)

This week marks a crucial point in Arden’s recovery. She and Allison return to Seattle Children’s Hospital (SCH) this Thursday, July 11 for the removal of Arden’s Spica cast on Friday, July 12. Since her severe hip dysplasia diagnosis, she’s had 2 major surgeries plus 3 Spicas altogether for a total of 12 weeks!

It’s not exaggerating to describe Arden’s ordeal as a marathon.

If X-rays reveal her hip to be in good shape, she’ll have seen the last of the Spica casts. Dr. Blumberg will fit her for a brace which she’ll still wear 24/7 as she moves into full recovery mode and gets back on her feet again.

Needless to say, we are praying and hoping all goes well.

I hear constantly from friends and family who are praying for Arden and her family and checking for updates as she continues her marathon to recover the full use of her hip and leg. It means the world to us that you are following Arden’s story and are holding her up in prayer until she’s up and running again.

Please join us in praying for a successful visit to SCH this week!

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