Queen Esther and #MeToo

Paul Louis Metzger and his ministry organization New Wine, New Wineskins should be on your radar.

Paul is Professor of Christian Theology and Theology of Future at Multnomah University and Multnomah Seminary in Portland, Oregon. He’s also the Director of the Institute for Cultural Engagement: New Wine, New Wineskins. Besides that, he’s a great friend, Christian brother, and a strong advocate for women. We’ve team-taught classes at Missio Seminary and Multnomah Seminary.

I had a great time talking with him on the New Wine Tastings podcast about connections between Queen Esther’s story and the lives of women and girls today. Esther is only one of the Bible’s horrifying #MeToo stories. Today’s #MeToo/#ChurchToo crisis compels us to take a closer look at the Bible’s #MeToo stories. It is also reason for an honest conversation about the church’s messaging for women and girls.

Esther’s story is hard evidence for all of us that the female backbone matters!

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