Sometimes the biggest battle an ezer must fight is with herself

She knows before you do
all the reasons she should stay quiet.
No one will believe a woman who used to dance with demons.
A woman who used to dance. 
A woman who used to.
A woman who used.
A woman.

It’s hardly a secret
when they’re talking about you
All the whispers in the world
sound a lot like shouting. 

How will they ever hear her
over their idea of her?
She’s heard all the voices
but her own.
She knows from watching him
how words can kill
and death can take you by force
a day at a time
a breath at a time.

They will likely say:
“She sees things that aren’t there,”
But He said:
“Let go of what isn’t yours to hold.”

And when you know 
before anyone else:
The clothes that covered death
are folded and in their place,
When you know:
life is on the move
and everyone might miss it.

When you know,
because the grave in you
is now a temple,
You clear your throat,
find your voice,
and tell anyone who will listen, 
“Love is on his feet again.”

Laura Buffington

Published with permission.

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4 Responses to Sometimes the biggest battle an ezer must fight is with herself


    Absolutely love this poem.


  2. Deanna Holsinger says:




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