ARDEN UPDATE #22: Whiplash!

Arden is not having surgery this morning as planned. I can’t believe I just typed that. The surgeon postponed the procedure to run a couple more tests and make sure she’s in good shape for the surgery.

Arden’s birthday party was a grand success, even with the cloud overhead of the surgery scheduled for today. She, family, and so many friends were bracing for the procedure. And then this news.

It feels like whiplash!

Already we’re hearing supportive messages from friends and family: “Better safe than sorry.” “This is not a coincidence. God wants her super strong at the time of the surgery . . . this has to be for the better.”

So this morning, Arden and Avery are back in school; family members from out-of-state are changing flights and heading home; and I’ll be leaving Wednesday morning.

Thank you for praying. I’m grateful that the heavens are already hearing her name as so many of you are praying. Please don’t stop. God’s hand is on her and in this sudden shift in plans.

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2 Responses to ARDEN UPDATE #22: Whiplash!

  1. Mrs. Linda Moore says:

    These kind of changes are always something of a jolt coupled with disappointment and questions. Praying for all concerns and those especially concerned! May the Lord bring you his peace and assurance.


    • She was mighty glad to go back to school and be with her little friends. But you’re right. It was a jolt. We are grateful for the caution. Even though this will be outpatient, it is still under anesthetic, so good for the surgeon in wanting to take extra care. Thank you Linda.


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