Jesus, John Wayne and #MeToo Warnings We Missed

The latest issue of the Journal of Urban Mission just went live. The theme is #ChurchToo, which was enough to get me interested.

I contributed two articles. One is a double review of Kristin Du Mez’s two booksher bestselling Jesus and John Wayne: How White Evangelicals Corrupted a Faith and Fractured a Nation (J&JW) and her previous book, A New Gospel for Women: Katharine Bushnell and the Challenge of Christian Feminism. Katharine Bushnell’s story reveals the fact that #ChurchToo has a long history and sheds light on what, at least in part, motivated Du Mez to tackle J&JW.

Both books are eye-opening, painful to read at times, but exposing destructive realities we need to face both inside the church and beyond. Both deserve to be widely read.

My second article, entitled, “The Gospel versus Patriarchy: Ruth and Esther have Something to Say” features two biblical narratives where male power and female vulnerability collide with very different outcomes.

In Esther’s story corrupt male power leads to the sex trafficking of young girls (including Esther) that loved ones like Mordecai were helpless to prevent. In Ruth’s story we learn twice that she is risking her safety by venturing out alone (which she does) on Naomi’s behalf. Boaza very powerful man in Bethlehemdisplays a counter-cultural gospel brand of masculinity and employs his male power to empower Ruth. The Ruth/Boaz story points to Jesus, the true antidote to the #ChurchToo crisis. It is exactly what we need more of in the church today.

Check out these and other #MeToo related articles while you’re on the website.

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  1. lindaplewis says:

    Somethings to talk about on Friday? I’m ordering those two books, BTW.

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