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Jesus, John Wayne, and the Malestrom

Every once in a while, a book is ahead of its time. In the years following the June 2015 publication of Malestrom: Manhood Swept into the Currents of a Changing World, a torrent of unforeseen events transpired that have dramatically intensified … Continue reading

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Another Great Awakening!

One by one, women and girls are awakening to the fact that God’s vision for his daughters is bigger than they thought—much bigger than the narrow vision the church so often proclaims for us. I’ll never get over the thrill … Continue reading

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Ruth Goes to Uganda!

Monday’s email made my day with this incredible photo of Christian ezer leaders in Uganda. It was a scramble, but 2021 ended with an opportunity to help Lifesprings International wrap up their training session in Uganda by giving each attendee … Continue reading

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Something to ponder . . . 

The timeless article below was written by my husband and posted on the Missio Seminary website in honor of Martin Luther King and republished here with permission. When Moderation and Justice Collide Today we remember Martin Luther King, Jr. We … Continue reading

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International Ezer Day!

I was born on Memorial Day. When I was old enough to understand, my father used to tell me people were flying flags on their houses because it was my birthday. To those whose loved ones have served in the … Continue reading

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2021 National Love Your Red Hair Day!

It’s that time again, and we are celebrating our favorite little red head! Arden is 7 now and happily in second grade. So much to learn and discover. She and her little sister Avery (6 and first grade) are both … Continue reading

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“If Ruth, why not me?”

For a long time we been looking at the lives of women in the Bible through the wrong end of the telescope. Their lives are noticeably small next to the larger lives of men in their stories. This has influenced … Continue reading

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2021 International Day of the Girl Child

It breaks my heart to read about the renewed Taliban efforts to restrict Afghan girls from formal education. It is not only tragic for the young girls, I can’t imagine a more effective way to sabotage a nature’s future. The tragic … Continue reading

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Jesus, John Wayne and #MeToo Warnings We Missed

The latest issue of the Journal of Urban Mission just went live. The theme is #ChurchToo, which was enough to get me interested. I contributed two articles. One is a double review of Kristin Du Mez’s two books—her bestselling Jesus … Continue reading

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ARDEN UPDATE #22: Whiplash!

Arden is not having surgery this morning as planned. I can’t believe I just typed that. The surgeon postponed the procedure to run a couple more tests and make sure she’s in good shape for the surgery. Arden’s birthday party … Continue reading

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