Half and Half


Amazon is selling Sheryl WuDunn & Nicholas Kristof’s book, Half the Sky, and Half the Church together!  Every Christian should read Half the Sky! Those who do will not be able to escape connecting what these authors are saying with the impassioned cries of Old Testament prophets.

“Learn to do good. Seek justice. Help the oppressed. Defend the orphan. Fight for the rights of widows”                                                 —Isaiah 1:16-17

In Half the Church, I take the discussion of the Bible’s message for women into the devastating world described so powerfully in Half the Sky. Our quest to know God’s heart for his daughters and our understanding of God’s call on our lives is incomplete if we leave any woman or girl out of this discussion. 

“If the questions we ask and the answers we embrace do not give them the same hope and kingdom purpose we seek for ourselves, then our conclusions cannot be trusted.”                                                 —Half the Church

Sheryl WuDunn writes:

“Carolyn Custis James has written an unusual and compelling book, mixing her personal story with the dramatic changes in today’s world and her thoughtful interpretations of the scriptures and how women can respond with greater fervor to the Bible’s call for change and betterment of the world.”

I hope you’ll order and read both books!    amazon.com

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