Synergy Men

“Synergy isn’t like other women’s conferences!”

That’s what anyone will tell you who has been to a Synergy conference.

We’ve been called the “thinking woman’s conference” because you can count on our speakers and workshops to stretch your mind and challenge your thinking. We’re building bridges and forging deep friendships across all sorts of dividing lines that separate believers. We’re all over the map on the women’s issue and represent a wide variety of denominations and theological camps.

None of this is getting in the way of the mission God has given us because we know we can do more and do it better if we work together.

But the one distinctive that really sets Synergy apart from other women’s conferences is the fact that men have started coming too.

From the start, men like Frank James, David Kirkendall, Steve Douglass, and Charles Gilmer believed in what we were doing, opened doors, and cheered us on. But in 2007, Jack Kuhatchek of Baker Books broke the gender barrier by registering as an attendee.

Men have been coming ever since.

Naturally, this changes the conversation we’re having, and that can only be a good thing, for our pursuit of the Blessed Alliance of men and women and of a healthy Body of Christ cannot be attained unless and until our brothers join us in this effort.

So just in case you’re thinking you can’t invite your male colleagues or spouses along, think again. The welcome mat is out for our brothers, and we hope more of them come!

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