Colombian Ezers

Frank and I had an unforgettable time in Bogotá, Colombia. You could call it perfect, except I got the flu the night before we came home, which meant staying an extra day and getting some rest we both needed anyway. But the memories of the people and of the way the gospel is taking hold in so many lives will stay with us for a long, long time.

I loved the women’s retreat and meeting so many of the 1,200 women who gathered from all around Colombia on a rainy Saturday afternoon. Clearly the weather was powerless to stop the women from coming or to dampen their spirits that day.

Pastor Dario had the video I filmed (above) shown during the 4 worship services at church on Sunday.

Diana Jalube (left) interpreted my messages and also Frank’s on Sunday. Watching her in action alone was worth the trip. It is gratifying when a translator pours herself heart and soul into the message like Diana does. Watching the two of them . . .  well, you’ll just have to see for yourself when I post the video. 

When I returned home, I received this message from one of the women, which makes me thankful for the good news I have to offer women.

“Gracias….. tus palabras penetraron a los más profundo de mi corazón, de nuevo gracias por hacerme entender que soy una Gerrera Ezer para Dios.”

In English: 

“Thanks ….. Your words penetrated to the bottom of my heart, again thanks for making me understand that I am an ezer-warrior for God.”

The next morning at church, I met a beaming little 7-year-old who had learned from her mother who attended the retreat that she is an ezer too.

Check out my FaceBook page for more photos.

Below is a hearty Colombian “hola!” to you from the ezers in Colombia.

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