Raising the Roof in Bogotá!

One of the highlights for me during our time in Colombia (and there were many) was hearing Frank preach on Psalm 146 in two services Sunday morning to a warmly receptive Casa Roca congregation. 

This particular psalm became even more meaningful for Frank as he entered the difficult journey of grief after the death of his younger brother, Kelly James, in a mountain climbing tragedy on Mount Hood back in 2006. 

My historian husband pointed out the connection between this psalm and Martin Luther’s own struggles to trust God and the powerful hymn, “A Mighty Fortress is our God,” that resulted from Luther’s pondering the psalmist’s words.  Speaking as much to himself as to his Colombian hearers, Frank called us all to:

  • Remember what God has done in the past,
  • Remember who God is,
  • Remember God is with us in our troubles.

He later described that Sunday morning as “one of the most extraordinary preaching experiences of his life”—a remarkable statement given the fact that he was speaking through a translator. But, as you will see from the video, Diana Jalube is no ordinary translator. It was incredible to watch the two of them in action. They raised the roof!

And, of course, the amazing group of believers in the Casa Roca congregation were eager to extend greetings to their American brothers and sisters in Christ.

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