A 2012 Outreach Resource of the Year!

My editor, Katya Covrett, sent me an email this morning telling me that Half the Church was selected as one of Outreach Magazine’s Resources of the Year.  I like getting emails like that!

To see the complete 2012 Outreach Resource choices along with reviews, go here.

“This book is a stirring and encouraging call to a ‘blessed alliance’ between women and men in addressing a great evil of our time, and any time: the neglect and exploitation of girls and women worldwide. At its heart are several chapters of culturally astute biblical exposition, especially a powerful reading of the story of Ruth, that show how radical the Bible was in its time, and how relevant it remains in our time. Carolyn Custis James writes not to defend either ‘side’ of the debate over women in leadership, but to call us, whatever our position in that debate, to the indisputable biblical role of image bearers who are allies in the kingdom of God. It’s a passionate, clear and convincing call to a better way for both men and women.”

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