Ordinary Women Doing Extraordinary Things

Kilimanjaro Climbers Jane Morrill, Cathey Anderson, & Tina Yeager

They’re at it again!

This time the Freedom Climberswho gained their reputation by climbing Mt Kilimanjaro (48 of them)are stateside and will be heading up Pike’s Peak on Saturday with a bunch of fresh recruits. Driven by their commitment to Jesus and to advancing his kingdom on earth, their purpose remains unchanged: to raise global awareness, prayers, and funds for women and children who are oppressed, enslaved, exploited, and trafficked throughout the world…. to be a voice for the voiceless; for those who could not declare freedom in their lives and climb out of their circumstances on their own..

This next climb comes within the context of the first Freedom Climb Conference in Colorado Springs, where I’m honored to be a keynote speaker, along with Stasi Eldredge, and several of the climbers including Cathey Anderson and Tina Yeager (pictured above).  

This issue isn’t a “women’s” issue. Men are called to this battle too. So the conference has a track for men who care as much as women do about this global crisis.

Here’s the invitation, if you’re interested in coming:  www.thefreedomclimb.net/get-involved/colorado-conference  Hope to see you there!

Read more about them at: Dangerous Ezers

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2 Responses to Ordinary Women Doing Extraordinary Things

  1. Matthew Murdoch says:

    It's rare to see an all-female group be so daring. Most women I know wouldn't even think of climbing a hill without safety ropes and a PPLIC plan to cover them.


  2. Carolyn says:

    You're right. These women are rare and remarkable. They will stop at nothing to fight human trafficking.



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