What Keeps Them Going

Freedom Climb Visionary, Cathey Anderson

This year’s Freedom Climb is tougher, if for no other reason than the cold. The climbers have taken a day for a scheduled rest to adjust to the altitude before moving forward.

If they were just doing this for themselves, they’d surely prefer the warmth and comfort of home. But their efforts are giving voice to the voiceless and freedom to the oppressed. That motivates them to keep going.

Here’s today’s update from Mount Everest:

“Since preparing to leave for the trail, the Freedom Climb has not been easy on the climbers. They were still able to climb despite falling ill right before their departure to Lukla, and the past few days have gone well and been encouraging. But there are still some on the team who are really struggling. Despite these struggles and things not going as planned, the team had a special moment today when they reflected on the reason they were climbing.”

“As we have started our journey with great difficulty, the Lord has prevailed, and we are heading up the mountain. And just as the children don’t oftentimes have a choice in what transpires in their lives when they’re born or what caste system they’re born into, God will be glorified. And in this climb, he will be glorified in helping to bring that freedom to them so that they will have those choices.”

Tina Yeager

For photos and to track their progress, go to http://thefreedomclimb.wordpress.com/

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