Something to ponder . . .

“This for me is the defining argument for diversity: Diversity is the best way to defend equality. If people from diverse groups are not making the decisions, the burdens and benefits of society will be divided unequally and unfairly—with the people writing the rules ensuring themselves a greater share of the benefits and a lesser share of the burdens of any society.

If you’re not brought in, you get sold out. Your life will be worth twenty shekels. No group should have to trust another person to protect their interests; all should be able to speak for themselves.

That’s why we have to include everyone in the decisions that shape our cultures, because even the best of us are blinded by our own interests.”

Melinda Gates,
The Moment of Lift: How Empowering Women Changes the World

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2 Responses to Something to ponder . . .

  1. north59lite says:

    That sounds good, but I’ve found other women are the greatest obstacle to women being treated equitably. The most viscous misogyny I’ve witnessed has been between women.

    Joyce Rempel 403-923-4486



    • Sadly, that is true. Gates is coming from the tech industry and drawing on what she has been learning about and from women through her work with the Gates Foundation. There is a lot of food for thought in her book. The goal she asserts here re diversity, I think, is another way of expressing the benefits of the Blessed Alliance. I will say, it is a strange irony that women who are oppositional are also blessed beneficiaries of hard won advances achieved by the women they oppose.


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